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I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another. I'm rarely without a sketchbook to hand, so I am constantly drawing and sometimes the drawings are left in the sketchbook and other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images that end up on humans or on canvas.
I didn't set out to be an artist or to create artwork. It simply flowed through me as naturally as my own blood, effortless and never ending. As my mediums expanded and developed, people started to review my work, the descriptions started to emerge and I began to notice a pattern I hadn't intended but am now please with. I realized that my artistic styling never changed from recording music in the studio, tattooing, digital design or painting a canvas. My style is dark and filled with texture, unpredictable, yet polished and refined on a commercial level.
My work tends to focus on dreams, the evolution of man and his quest for the meaning of life and apocalyptic visions I've experienced in an altered dream state. Some reviews have labeled my work as 'thought provoking and frightening'. I also try to show the beauty the faintly glows beneath the darkness, which echos hope to the viewer.
At school, the only class I really paid any attention in was art. I simply wasn't interested in anything else and I think my obsession with the dark forces started there. I was always the weird kid in school and in many ways, the stigma has followed me through life and rears its head in my art.
None of it was intentional - it all developed and evolved over time. People always ask for my artist statement so I needed to do one but I've never liked to explain a certain piece of work - if you've made a picture and that's how you wanted it to be - hopefully it can speak for itself and whatever it says to the viewer - it's the right message because there isn't a wrong and a right message. Each person takes something a little different from the same picture and I'm happy with that.
My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience, but I've always loved comic books particularly Marvel and the artist, Todd Macfairlaine. I love old architecture particularly graveyards. The artists I most admire are Salvador Dali, Dr. Seuss, Escher and tattooist Guy Aitchison. I grew up watching films such as Jaws, Friday the 13th, Star Wars and anything directed by John Waters or Quentin Tarantino.
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