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In addition to being an amazing author, Yvonne Stinson is the best Mom in the world, a sister, a friend and an excellent cook. Her famous Red Velvet Cake has received rave reviews from her friends and family and celebrities including Paris Hilton, Raphael Saadiq, Anthony Hamilton, legendary songwriter Leon Ware and Santi Gold. She is also the designated Macaroni and Cheese maker at all family events, and you have not tasted good turkey wings until you have tried Auntie Vonne’s. When she’s not in the kitchen or sharing words from her heart, she is traveling from home to home armed with curling irons and shampoo, among other things, as she keeps Oakland beautiful with her superb cosmetology skills, often paying special attention to those who can’t travel any more. A modern day renaissance woman, Yvonne is a hairstylist, a teachers assistant for kids who face physical, developmental and other challenges and the owner of Joyful Celebrations, a singing telegram company where she performs songs in costumes that she has made from scratch include a Valentines Heart, A Bouquet of Roses and a Birthday Cake. Yvonne is also very active in her church where her high soprano can be heard without the help of a microphone. Currently she resides in Oakland, CA where she has lived since moving from her birth home of Birmingham, AL in the early 1970’s. Coupled with everything above, Yvonne is also working on some life changing inventions and continues to write words from her heart.
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