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Taylor is a girl that has 3 dogs, a rabbit,and a cat. Cats name is Pumpkin, Pumpkin is always lazy and does nothing but sleep. Rabbit's name is Thumper, she was named that because she always thumps when she goes around the house or cage. One of the dogs is Libby, Libby is a prissy dog to think of it, you would know right away that she likes pink or purple. Another dog is Layla, Layla is a big dog and she thinks she is a person it's really funny because she'll sleep up next to you like a person would. The last dog is Craze, Craze was named that because when we brought her home she found a squeaky toy and swung it in her mouth and when it came out of her mouth some times it would land in front of her and she would look around for it and an hour later she would find it.
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