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dear readers,

I did not always love to read in fact fact i would avoid reading ever chance i got. So one day my teacher hand me a book she told me to try a book, at first i was acting mad and she told me if i read it and take a test she would give me a reward i was real found of the ideal so i agreed to i started reading the book called "savvy" in 4th grade. It took me about 2 weeks to read i really loved the story one of the best book i ever read i pass the test she give me and was going to give me candy, and i told her i did not want it instead if i could get more books like the one i read.she was real shocked and that's how i started to read getting higher books and loving them. so all i`m saying is just try a book it do not have to be a real big book at first as long as you love to read it will take you far

your truly, T Clark
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eager rice borrows
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sci fic
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pop and jazz
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unknow artist
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be open minded

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