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To My Beloved Children,

I have guarded all these recipes throughout the years knowing that the day would come that I would have the pleasure of producing this cookbook and passing these recipes on to you. I hope that you too will experience the satisfaction of creating these dishes within your own kitchen for your own families and guest.

For I can guarantee you that it shall bring a smile to your face when you take a little sample of whatever your whipping up with one of my wooden spoons and you can say “Hey this taste just like what Mom use to make”.

With that said it is my ultimate hope that it brings you comfort in knowing that I left these timeless treasured recipes behind for you to carry on for generations to come.

With All My Love,


P.S. The secret ingredient used in all my recipes was those old wooden spoons for they are magical and hold the love of cooking that was passed on from your Great Grandmother to your Grandmother and then to myself.
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