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I am proud to present these set of Recipes from my childhood school years in Malta. My last years in school were at a Hospitality Center called (at the time in 1964) The Housecraft School in Floriana, Malta. There we learned various household chores and of course the most interesting was the COOKING Class. We shopped and cooked for ourselves and for various school occasions, with our teachers Miss Gouder and Miss Maggi. Miss Gouder taught us the Home-Style meals; while Miss Maggi specializes in Sweets and Desserts, and they both did and excellent job at it.

My Family Recipes are gathered information on homemade meals prepared by my wonderful parents Antionette and Simeon G. Bowman. These consisted of British/Maltese and Italian meals.
When I entered into the Dahdah family my husband introduced me to a whole different type of meals which became until now the main family meals in my household.
Family gatherings such as Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, and even a Picnic where Sada Dahdahs’ (my mother-in-law) main contribution to the meal of the day
Sada Dahdah spent most of her day in the kitchen; no wonder she was the best cook in town. She taught me everything I know about Arabic meals. I use to stand around her and constantly asking her how she made that delicious meal, or sweet, and she would reply, “Write it down” or her famous thumb and fingers gesture to show a spoonful and I did every single one of them.

Now, I feel fortunate that I learned all this through the Housecraft School and through the family to be able to make the family happy and to pass the recipes and other household information on to others
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