The sprouting seed
Boston, MA
About Me
I started this collection of poems and short stories since the age of sixteen. My source of inspirations are as follows: Jose Mati, Terry McMillan, Danielle Steel, Helen Gilchrist, Edwige Danticat and many more. Reading has always been my main interest in life, and that empower my strength in writing. Many Thanks to my English professor Janet Clarke from NSCC. She noticed my potential in writing, and she advised me to further on toward this path. I am a passionate can as well be a revolt writer. I write at the spur of the moments. My writing reflects many things, from the everyday life, to what makes me happy sad, and upset.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
One Day at a Time
Favorite Writer
Danielle Steel
Favorite Book Genre
Love story, Mistery, espionage
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No good deed goes unpunish

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