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My biggest dream is to act in films. Major Production films; not Independent, Commercial, Small Production, etc. Though I know I'll probably start out with those types of film, I won't be where I want to be until I'm showing up in the movies and previews showing at your local movie theatres, ha. I'm tucking as much experience under my belt as I can before I graduate next year. At the moment, I'm taking Intro to Theatre in school and I'm paying for film acting classes that I go to 7-10 every Tuesday night. I love it. I'm going into Studio Theatre next year in school, and I'm planning on continuing into the advanced class after I finish the first 20 class sessions we have at the film acting place I go to. After I graduate, I plan on moving to California to stay with my aunt just until I get a small job to pay for an apartment and all, while at the same time, put myself out there in the move-making world.
I live with my mom and my younger sister, whom is my total opposite. She’s very athletic, outgoing, loud, talkative, flirtatious, confident, and just has that bubbly personality. As for me, I’m very quiet, shy, not much for the outdoors since I’ve always been very artistic, self-conscious… Just the opposite of her. There are so many other qualities that put us even more at opposite poles from one another, but they’re more personal and I don’t exactly feel comfortable talking about them.
Aside from acting, I also do the Visual Arts. I attended the Governor’s School for the Arts in the Visual Arts Department for my entire sophomore year. There’s Instrumental, Theatre, Dance, and of course, Visual Arts. You have to audition to get in and I just happened to be one of the lucky ones to make it. I’ve heard it’s a pretty difficult school to get into, but I’m not really sure. Doing Visual Art wasn’t what I really wanted to do; it was just something I was good at and when I heard about the Governor’s School I figured I’d audition, just for the heck of it. I didn’t expect to get in and it didn’t really matter to me whether I did or not, but I got a letter back a few months later with ‘Congratulations!’ being the first word I saw. However, as the year progressed, I realized that it wasn’t for me; at least not Visual Arts. My classmates were so into it that they worked in their sketch books every day, and their projects were always well-thought out and executed while mine were always procrastinated. Drawing and all the other topic of Visual Art were things I did when I felt like it, which definitely wasn’t every day. I knew it wasn’t for me so I didn’t go back this year. Plus, I felt like I was depriving someone else of their opportunity to be there who would’ve died to be where I was. People were upset with my choice because it was definitely something to be proud of and appreciate. And I do. I really, really do appreciate going to that school and I’m so proud they saw something in me that showed I belonged there, but it just wasn’t for me. Now I’m pursuing what I really want to do and I feel that my choices were for the best.
I want to help write screenplays and think up ideas for movies as well. I want to apply all the skills God gave me into the movie business because He gave them to me for a reason and I’m not going to waste them away if I can help it.
Yeah, I think I’ve written enough for now, ha. Thanks for reading this if you did and I hope it didn’t bore you too much.
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Twilight Saga
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Stephenie Meyer
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Love/Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Fantasy, Drama
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There's too many to choose from...
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Rock, Metal, Pop, Alternative
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Way too many to choose from!
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Again, too many.
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"Thank God for His mercies."

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