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Colin Culbreth is an author from the backwoods of Oregon. His first book, My First Adult Life, was a brilliant piece of literature which truthfully outlined his fictional childhood in a city with a population that is most peoples’ IQ score. Branded as a poor-role model by his high school teachers and labeled such profanities as “Liberal,” or “Left-Winger,” Colin left his home town and decided to attempt college. He proceeded to slack off for five years at the nationally recognized University of Oregon, graduating only twice and getting a fancy looking piece of paper in the mail with the word masters on it. When he wasn’t working 16 hours a week to pay his own way through school or undergoing more than required practicum hours, Colin was also writing books. The Lens of Truth is Colin’s second book. Having acquired exceptional beard status, Colin has high hopes that this book will eventually reach the living rooms of intelligent people. But if it doesn’t, Colin will continue to write books despite their selling record because the truth is more important than money. The Lens of Truth will definitely not be Colin’s last book but if anyone reads it and disagrees with his findings, he will not get angry. The truth is not for everyone. It’s just for those who value something greater than their own lives.
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