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Why hello there, allow me to introduce myself… My name is Wayne “Tody” Luxich II… Who am I you ask…? Well, I’m really not anyone special… Heck I’m not even a true Author… I’m basically just a “Good Ole’ Boy” from a small Coastal Town in Mississippi called Lakeshore…

I guess the only thing that I do have to offer when it comes to writing are some really neat stories that a lot of people seem to find interesting, funny, scary and even intriguing in some instances? In fact, I've already written one book titled "My Life: It's a Lakeshore Thang..." which is basically just a story of my life that's made up of many short stories including: things I’ve heard growing up… My Life experiences, both good and bad… Ghostly Tales that I’ve experienced firsthand… Even a near death experience that opened my eyes to another way of thinking to say the least…!

Why a "Children's Book" you ask...? Well, to be honest, this wasn't my idea at all... In fact, It was actually a Teacher friend of mine; named Heidi that recommended I write it in the first place... So, I gave it a shot and it turns out that she liked it a lot... She even went as far as saying that it could even be the start of an entire series of children "Adventure" books...!
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