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I am a 16 year young girl. My parents are Jay and Lori Rayl .I have lived on a farm my whole life. I have an amazing family. On my dads side I have 2 very special grandparents .they mean a lot .My grandma on my dads side is very helpful with cooking for 4-H. I also show goat and pigs for 4-H. every year before the fair at the fair they have mine 4-H which is were the younger kids that want to do 4-H come and we teach them about 4-H.On my moms side she has a few sisters and on of them has to little girls. I watch the little girls when ever I can .They mean the world to me. They just moved to Wisconsin it is hard for me but I still love them .In the summer of 2009 I help one of my teachers room mate .I was not sure how it would be but it ended up being amazing .I helped her a few weeks in the summer .I have really got attached to the kids that I helped her with .I think she liked it that I was there so if she was doing something with one of the kids and one of the others needed a dipper change I would not just tell her I would change it. I love kids at church I teach vacation bible school .I teach the youngest class. On Sundays at church I am usually in the nursery. As you can see I love kids .That is most of my life!!
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