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Your grandfather was a really nice man. We had many interview sessions together and he was absolutely thrilled to record his life for his family. He would always be there waiting for me and very proud that we were doing his history at the VA nursing home. Your grandfather loved his family very, very much and was very proud of them in every way possible. After the interviews, he would sometimes show me pictures of his family members and you could hear the tremendous pride in his voice. He had a bulletin board above his bed that contained his favorite pictures of his family and would take each photo down and tell me who they were and how they were related to him (and what good looking people!).

You will find in the interviews that I asked specific questions about his proud heritage and his growing up years. We also talked about his military years, his work with televisions and the restaurant work he did later in life. He was proud of his life, but he also shared some of the hard things such as his divorce or his health problems - always honest about his past. Your grandfather was also fun - he always had a winning smile and lit up when I came to do the interviews - he loved the attention and having company at the nursing home. He proudly showed me Google Earth where he could zoom in on specific houses in certain neighborhoods--at his age, he was computer savvy!

I was saddened to hear of his passing, but was very confident he is now at peace. The history served as a bridge in his life that will extend to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren for generations to come, and he knew it was a way of leaving a loving piece of him behind. He gave permission and a copy of the tapes and his history is now part of the Special Collections at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah (part of their oral histories).

Vanessa, it was a privilege to interview your grandfather, and it is not an inconvenience at all to help you receive a copy. I'm so happy you have taken an interest in his story and have sought me out! There is one tiny glitch in that at the time I used the program that came on my computer, which is Word Perfect instead of Word. When I copied the disc for your grandfather, he could not open it up because of the program. Please give me your address and I will print you out a copy and send it to you via mail. Feel free to copy it or bind it...Louis would love that you shared it with others. You don't need to reimburse me, as my reward is in knowing that I recorded his history for his family before he passed away - that is why I do oral histories in my spare time. It is the ultimate gift to a family and I'm happy to do it.

Louis was a very good man and you should be proud that he was your grandfather. If he could be with you today, he would give you a great big smile and hug.

Please send me your address and I will get the history out to you asap. I leave for Europe on Friday and will be gone for 2 1/2 weeks, so I can send it out today or tomorrow.

My best to you and your beautiful family,

Marsha Lundgren
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