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We all have abilities we take for granted, like the ability to see and hear. When those abilities are taken away, the person will be left blind, or deaf. When those abilities are tampered with, the person will be hard of hearing, or with bad eyesight.
Imagine your ability to communicate snatched away by nature's invisible, all powerful hand. If one's communications skills are flickering on and off, like a lamp gone haywire, what will become of that person? And what will he or she be called?

I want my stories to be written around the concept of Believing in your dreams, and also, Accepting yourself just the way you are. I tend to write a lot of fan-fiction, mostly about Justin Bieber, since his motto is, "Never Say Never."
I tend to encourage others to read my stories, because the meaning behind them are something that each and every person should understand.
When someone stops believing, that is when they have given up. Giving up is NEVER the answer to problems. Once you have given up, you feel as if you have no hope left, nothing to rely on. Sometimes, dreams are like a reason to live. Without them, life isn't complete. However, sometimes, when a dream is crushed, you can simply forget it. Maybe you want to move on, forget the past. Or possibly you feel that everything you do and try will always finish in a terrible state.

I now conclude, and please, read through this carefully. Remember to follow your dreams, show your talents, and appreciate who YOU are.
I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams ♥
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