About Me
I’m Shaaronnaa, I’m 16, 17 in November.

I have this obsession with Nirvana, and Kurt. Coffee is what I live on basically that and writing. I’m a writer, at least I like to think I am. And hopefully someday i’d like to do something amazing with it.

I’d like to when I’m done high school, get into filming, script writing, journalism. Anything with movies and such, I’m your basic movie junkie, more so with horror movies. I write poetry when I’m to fucked up to think or speak what I’m feeling. I write practically every night, and I’m also working on my first book. Generally though I’v always wrote short stories.

I’m a humble person. I care to much, and it gets me fuck no where. But yet the sad thing is, I keep on caring.

I speak my mind, dress the way I want, and look at the world differently. I have my views on things, and my reasons for the shit I do. I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks, as long as I’m happy, I wont care about other peoples opinion. (:

I’m only young once, and as mature as my mind is. I sure don’t act like it half the time. I grew up to fast, I know more then I should, but that won’t stop me from acting like an immature 12 year old.

I’d like to get away, far away, somewhere beautiful, somewhere free.
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