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Miz Thang is a self taught folk artist from Hawkinsville, GA. Labels are not her thing but most folks want to know just what type of art she creates so she usually rattles off a long list of funky names that include: outsider, raw, rebel, folk, whohadada and contemporary, just to name a few. Through her eyes she sees things differently and she strives to show others what she sees via her art. She has been called weird and down right crazy, all of which she takes as a compliment because she does not want to be normal. After all a normal person couldn't create her art! Most of her life she has been a collector of what most call junk, but what she calls her treasures. When she is not riding around looking for more junk, she can be found in her back yard turning her junk into art. She is inspired by strong women, musicians, and by people, animals and events that have impacted her life.
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