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There are beautiful places that exist, yet we often overlook them, fly over them, drive by them, or walk by them and the beautiful landscapes go unnoticed. I am curious as to why we do this. How do we not gaze out our airplane window and not be impressed by what’s below? My work is one step closer to that curiosity. My paintings embark on a narrative that attempts to showcase some of that beauty. They are mostly done on the spot; in the woods, the fields, the plains, along the rivers with the flies and the cows and the snow and the rain. I paint quickly and loosely to capture the simple things like light at any given and every changing hour, the movement and solidarity of trees, the abstract patches of color in farm fields, and the atmospheric effects that usually keep us indoors. I am not interested in painting the details, like found images in a photo, but rather exercising the hand to eye coordination, the sense of gravity, smell, temperature, everything that weighs in on the human experience.

In freeing myself from the rigidity of details I can capture the conversation with the subject, the loose gestural impression with an honesty of materials and application. I’ve minimalized my compositions by eliminating unnecessary details to reveal the essence of a scene. I’m interested in replicating that personal conversation and impression of nature.
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