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A widow for just over a year, a mother of a beautiful little girl. I am here to reach out to all that grieve to be able to mend all grieving hearts. From our life to all of yours in hopes to help mend others people lives out there. My real life experiences through grief, things that I have noticed through grief, things that we all have just may go over looked, through the worse of pain the most glorious things take place we just have to open our hearts, minds, souls, to it all. Come with me through my journey to see all the miracles that lay within you, that once you have been in such horrific pain is when you understand just what exactly you are capable of. Find out what it is we program ourselves to do, not noticing at first and once you realise it is a feeling like no other, finding your dreams coming true while not even noticing you were doing it. Find out just exactly what True Love does to our lives.
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