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I was born and raised in the southeast side of Baltimore City, MD in a small rough community known as Canton, which was here where I grew up in which I started having spiritual experiences of ghostly encounters and spiritual perception experience. At this time not knowing what ghost were nor never heard of the term psychics, I knew intuitive as a very young child what spirits were without knowing what they were called, and was highly intuitive, even having some dream visions prediction by the mid and late 1970s. Which I kept my nature to my self, and used my spiritual abilities for my physical and spiritual survival needs. Using my abilities in this manor only heighten my spiritual sensory in which I can sense danger mile away, sense dark spirit present around me, and know what a person is going to say or do long before they manifest their actions. Which this experience has given me greater wisdom of my spiritual nature, but I was at a lost of the core nature of my existence and spiritual nature of my abilities, while always having a deep urge to be one with Nature, and find God in Nature. For I was not a believer as many young people are, I had a greater need to know the real nature of our existence and true spiritual essence that would be known as my form of natural spirituality in which I give in this book. A long with the knowledge from my own clarity and experiences in which I teach one self how one too can learn in the way as I have always done so I can find joy in exploring for the truth for one self. Not relying what others believe, but learn from one’s own true understand and experiences by being one’s own wisdom seeker.
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