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Kenneth Paul Corbett

My father was born in Youngstown, Ohio. His mother sang opera as a past-time, and his father worked for the U.S. Postal Service. He had an older brother, James, who passed away at a young age in the military. The summer after 5th grade, a neighbor named Mrs. Winfield gave him his first art lessons. The next year, my father spent much of the year in bed with complications from pneumonia. It was during that time, that he began to delve into the world of art. My father briefly attended the Art Institute of Chicago. However, most of his art “education” came through the people he met during his life, and the experiences he had.

Before my father passed away, I asked him what he would like done with all of his art work. He said, “I want what every artist wants - to be rich and famous!” To me, my dad accomplished that – he was rich in friends, and will always be remembered as a truly accomplished and talented artist.
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