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Jecory D. Hobbs grew up in Houston, Texas and started writing at the age of eleven. During his career, he has written many fiction stories and has enjoyed presenting his work to his family. Having loved English and the creative arts, Hobbs was also known as a playwright in high school. Having loved English and the creative arts, He is inspired by various writers across all genres inlcudeing the novels of Mark Twain as well as the lyrics and verse of Ice Cube and Dr. Seuss. Hobbs would like to delicate the book to the brave men and women fighting for the United States of America. He qualifies to write about the war to let the ones who are fighting know that he cares about them. He want everyone to know how it feels to serve the Country. It makes him write about this because he love writing action/adventure fiction. He hopes to bring war and the experiences surrounding it to life in his work because he would like to let everyone know how it feels fighting in war. If you would..
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Men of Mice
Favorite Writer
Ice Cube
Favorite Book Genre
Men of Mice
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Lil wayne, Ice Cube, Trae
Favorite Music Genre
Party like a Rockstar-Shop Boyz
Favorite Movie
Friday after next
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"Failing is something i don't wanna fear"

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