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Zelly Taylor was born Friday,August 18,
1995 in Memphis, Tennessee at Memphis Regional Center at 3:03pm as Denzel Jamall
Taylor-Hurd by the late Sophia Jean Taylor-Hurd and living father L.C. Hurd.
Zelly Taylor is the 4th out of 5 children on his mother side: Daetal,Thurston,
Folyd, Denzel , and Thomas. Zelly is the last out of 4 children on his father
side: Darron, Stacey, Margaret, and Denzel. ...Zelly was
born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee by his mother " Sophia ", Sophia married
"Zellys' " father L.C. Hurd on Feb. 14, 19??, but divorced because of
difficulties. ---- Years Passed. Zellys' mother " Sophia" was very very sick.
Sophia was running i and out the hospital because of heart, kidney failure. On
June 22,2003 Sophia, Zellys' mother passed away leaving behind her
children/sisters/brothers/ and more family.
---Grand Rapids, Michigan
49503: Zelly Taylor always wanted a future. Zelly Taylor is looking in the eyes
of beening an Actor, Photographer, Business Management Administrator and a
Movie Director/Producer. Zelly says Tyler Perry inspired him to want to be a
movie director/producer. Zelly started photography in 2009 with his sideline
small business: Zelie-JPhotography, LLC. Zelly Taylor is recent writing
books;SNAP,PHAT,LIFE,SAGGIN, HOW2LOVE, and MATURE. Zelly Taylor been
in Acting for the last 3 years and got dreams of beening an
Director/Producer some day.
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