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Lost in the Outback Lost in the Outback
11"x8.5" - Hardcover w/Glossy Laminate - Color - Photo Book
76 Pages,  Aug-18-2017
List Price: $61.51

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Chapter 1

The sun glistens down as the shadows of the trees dance against the side walk. The morning brings a light westerly breeze down the main street in Downs Creek at seven am. Two small sparrows race from tree to tree as they sing their morning song to each other, one sparrow dives and weaves as it chases the other through the back dock roller door at Actlands grocery store. A white van pulls out of the dock at considerable speeds, and races up the main road as its wheels squeal as it takes its turn left. The car hits the intersection at excessive speed, the car races up the next road narrowly missing the young woman crossing the road. She quickly scurries across the road to avoid being hit, the dark haired women dressed in a blue skirt and white blouse glares at the car. “You bloody idiot.” she screams out as it again takes the right turn at high speed. The white car brake lights shine as the car pulls up out side a white bricked house and pulls into the driveway, and..