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Alissa DeAmonti sold her first piece at the tender age of 10 years old. From that point on she has produced and sold everything from jewelry to sculpture, from quilts to her own clothing line. Her art work is proudly exhibited from New York to California and many states in between. She is an accomplished interior faux artist, creating faux marbles and other stone, faux leathers, and wall plaster finishes. Twenty-one years later she moved to Mississippi from the west coast. Ms. DeAmonti has lived in beautiful Mississippi with her husband Steve Hixson, since 1999. She is the first to introduce a new art called fused plastic. This new art form was created by Ms. DeAmonti, who was frustrated by the increasing cost of art glass. She wanted to find an art form that was not only cost affective but would be environmentally conscious of our overflowing land fills. This led her to the mass volume of empty wine bottles. She is now making art glass with wine bottles. She has been on a green crusade the last 15 years. With a unique way of looking at throw away items and finding new ways to use them. Re -purposing is the name of the game. She has found that there are plenty of things she can acquire for free and turn it into a profit. Not only is she doing her part to reduce that amount of trash going into our land fields. She has found a way to support herself in the process.
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