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Evangelist Dr. D.L.Gaitors,DD.M.Div.BA

I Have worked in the Ministry for 25 years+ as Minister, Evangelist, Christian Counselor/Mentor. BA Instructor at Calvary Temple Bible School Chg, IL 2007. Evangelized in NE Texas, AR, KY, FL,IL, IN.

Worked with homeless recovering men and women to provide quality housing. Mentor, advocate, coach, and provide outside resources to clients for the maintenance of their housing units. Taught DLS to clients,preparing them to pass inspections as well as their general upkeep.

Also employed as a Domestic Violence Crisis Worker for 43 women and children, providing safe enviornments, Employed as a youth counselor working with troubled teens. All in Chg, IL.

Ministries Now: Evangelism, Online Ministry, Conferences and Revival Workshops.

Blessed Promises, The Light Of Thy Countenance World Wide Ministry Online - Pastor

Proud Mother/Wife - Husband, (Big Ern)

4 Children Karen, Kim, Ern III, Sherry (all Adults) 7 Grandchildren, 1 FIFTH Generation Grandaughter 3 mos.

1 loyal YorkiePoo Dog named: Max,short for Max- A -Million

I love Jesus and the work He has Called me to do..
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