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Jeremiah D. Smith was born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia. He was called to preach at age 8 and preaching his first sermon at 13.

For over many years Jeremiah D. Smith has been known as a dynamic, multi-gifted world-changer that has been equipping people to fulfill their destinies and maximize their potential through service unto the Lord. Highly respected by persons from all walks of life, a teacher, preacher, prophet, mentor, counselor and consultant, Jeremiah D. Smith reaches into the depths of his existence, draws on knowledge, experience and wisdom, and pours out unselfishly into the lives of others.

Jeremiah is a young man who believes that every trial and situation in your life is only a stepping-stone to your destiny. He stands on the scripture found in Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you came out I ordained you a prophet unto the nations." (KJV)

Jeremiah says “His Mission is to Destroy Tradition, Loose Chains and Change Lives.” His mission is to break man-made religious rules that "Sugar-Coat" the message of God. Jeremiah ministers from the standpoint that people need to know the true God and have more than a religion - they need to have a relationship with Him.

A much sought after speaker and author (REAL Praise & Worship) Jeremiahs' unique style is permeated with interactive teaching, revolutionary insights, thought provoking dramatizations and hands on activations.

Jeremiah is also the founder and president of the following ministries:
All ministries are under Jeremiah Smith Ministries,INC.

* Jeremiah Live
* Minister Jeremiah D. Smith Ministries,INC. click here
* World Vision Ministries International click here
* City of Life Ministries International
* Kingdom Builders Academy click here
* Y.E.S.-Youth Empowerment Summit aka Youth Empowerment Service

These ministries have a global mandate to renew the world’s relationship with the Lord and His Kingdom. Presenting an image of distinction, excellence, professionalism, integrity, and character, essentially exists to empower individuals to maximize their potential and facilitate them in their quest for destiny, purpose and ultimate fulfillment, through training in the following areas:

* Praise & Worship Training
* Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Banners & Flags)
* School of the Psalmist
* School of the Minstrels
* Prayer & Spiritual Warfare
* Prophetic Deliverance Counseling
* Prophets & Prophecy
* Youth Tutoring and Educational Curriculum Development

With excitement, energy and power, Jeremiah is anointed to lead this Generation into a new era in God that is filled with purpose, destiny, prosperity and power. His Goal is to usher them into the presence of God so that a true relationship is produced. He is a Man after God's heart and he ministers with a level of intensity and emotion that is second to none. His motto: "Worship is not an act... It's a Lifestyle and with Christ we can Reach Hearts, Teach Minds, and Change Lives ."

His Humble Servant
Jeremiah D. Smith

Mark 16:15-18

""- - I am anointed not to promote me, but to promote the cause of the Kingdom.......I will take out of my mind everything that keeps Christ out of my life, Walking in authority invested in me......God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him"
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