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Jeremy Brockbank holds an M.Ed. from the University of Oklahoma and a B.S. in Business Management at Utah Valley University.

Professionally, Jeremy has helped to build over 25 successful retail brands and is the founder and owner of his own highly successful retail consulting company. The view is held that he holds three seperate "Shark Tank" records (ABC), but unconfirmable given lack of total information on all other existing companies.

Jeremy has also built a Fortune 5000 'Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies'.

His work has been featured in ABC's "Shark Tank", The Los Angeles Times, The Deseret News, The Norman Transcript, The Drug Store News and has appeared as a guest on KSL's (NBC's local affiliate) Studio 5.

Jeremy is the inventor of multiple products and has submitted patent works as well.

The author has also been an Adjuct Professor at the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University.

He is widely traveled both domestically and internationally, primarily for business purposes.

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