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my name is makayla I like to write when im very board i lisen to music. i was in the spelling bee but i hate spelling the test to get in was a grade for spelling so i had to do good but i didnt want to be in the spelling bee i love to write essays. and to talk if it was a grde in school on how good u talk i would get a A+ i never missed a day of school this year like some of my friends. i love pink cats like my profile pic! if i spell some thing wrong plaese tell me. i also love to run. my mom says that thats why im so skinny.my bestest friend is Gabi krayle ive known her sence preschool. she my not like me that much but to me she is really funny.
i would write more but i run out of things to say:(
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out of my mind
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realistic fiction
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jason alden
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dispicable me!
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why read when you can write

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