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My name is Sarah. My hobbies are gymnastics ,horsebackriding, writing, art, playing gutiar and swimming. My favourite show is charmed, and the OC. My favourite season of the OC is all of the seasons and I like season four of charmed but it's not my favourite season. My favorite episode of the oc is season 4, the earthqueak beacause everyone is with the person they love and my favourite episode of charmed is season 4,Lost and Bound. My favourite book series is the amazing days of abby hayes, my favourite book in the series super speial # 1 the best is yet to come. My favourite character on charmed is Piper and Paige and my favourite character on the oc is Ryan,Taylor, Seth, Summer and Sandy. My favourite colour is purple, light pink and light blue. I have a sister named Kaitlyn, a brother named ryan and a mom and dad, I have 2 dogs named Muffin and Diesel. Muffin is a 4 year old malties and shiz zhu and Diesel is a 11 months old german sheperd and rotwhyler. I'm 8 years old. I love lol
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