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Susan J. Brown is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Family Enterprise Advisor Certificant. She has been advising families for over 20 years around their finances and has her own advisory practice in Calgary Alberta.

Susan has presented the concepts in this book within the public school system for over five years on a volunteer basis. She has gained hands on learning about what it takes to engage children in discussions about money. Her training as a Family Enteprise Advisor certificant has also made her see the value of educating children around financial responsbility in order to reduce entitlement and prepare children for the family wealth.

By starting to educate children around money at a very young age Susan hopes to give them the confidence and capability to manage money responsibly as they grow into young adults. By having this mindset and skillset, we believe that children will be more empowered to control their own future and choices.

Susan also has a daughter who has helped in the creation of this book. Her daughter has also been the inspiration behind the characters developed for this book.
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