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My father was a storyteller who could keep you on the edge of your chair and cause your to dream of riches and the hunt for them. I realize today that many of these stories have never been written about mainly because their local stories. I idolized these old-timers with there art, wit and style of telling campfire adventures.

This summer (2007) as I began mapping out my prospecting areas for the fall, it hit me between the eyes like a twelve-pound single jack, I had become the “Old-Timer”. Realizing this, I figured I had better start writing down some of these stories because they are localized. Some names are real, the legends may be true, but I have added my own style to the stories. I hope that you find them enjoyable.

I have never really cared about the amount of gold I have found. It is not about the money or the gain, I have had both and lost both; I have prospected and mined for 57 years and have enjoyed the pure pleasure of the hobby.

“If you’ve never seen gold come out of the ground in its natural state, than you have yet to experience the joy, the speechlessness and thrill of finding your first piece of gold”.
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