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I am Antony Thomas Lee Mitchell at birth, but become thePo when i begin to write. I began my obsession with writing at the age of 9. I scared my teacher by writing vary dark and depressing stories about life and fiction. I had an over active imagination so they say. Any way i am a happy person at any moment untill i write. I become dark and become my split "thePo." I was giving that name by one of my teachers when she gave me two writers that she thought i may look up to one day. One was Edger Allan Poe and the other Shakespeare. I learned to admire and love both, but the one i attached to the most was Edger Allan Poe. One of his most famis peices that i love is The Cask of Amontillado. I took a liking to this story, but i thought it was something that needed work, i though that it was missing things and i asked my teacher why it was missing so much stuff. She told me it was a short story, and to this day i am not to good at writing non detailed short stories.
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Dark Days
by thePo
Dark Days
by thePo