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You are right and I said I’m sorry it’s not like I’m talking to someone or something smh... And the phone that I’m using is off up an I’m using is off up an I’m using Wi-Fi so don’t feel using Wi-Fi so don’t feel like that because I’m not doing it all purpose. saying stupid little kid, stuff how you about be 24 yrs. and still think and act like a little as that need their mother to still hold their hand and wipes your fucking ass. And need to stop changing after they little as girl and need to find a female around your own age you need to live life right now then find a young ladies round your age and get a job because ladies don’t like a broke a nigga and stopped acting like a baby when you don’t get your way and grown the fuck up my nigga if you keep going down the same road you going down you end up being alone not female want to be with a grown as man with a bitch attitude you turn out fucking gay you got the body for it That knowing yourself is..
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Dirty Secrets
by Prince Xavier
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Dirty Laundry..
by Prince Xavier
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King Koopa..
by Zachary Jornada
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