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About Me
Yes! I'm back! It's Kaylen guys. After almost a year I have my first account back, no having to try and bring all my books over to my account I was going to use! And that's a load off, cause I had a lot of books on private. xD

My name is Kaylen, I'm fourteen years old (Will be fifteen in augest :3 ) I'm a born farm girl, living in Tennessee. A small farm with a few chickens, turkies, and alpacas, hopefully soon a horse or two.

Writing has always kinda been a hobby of mine, but recently I've been getting out of it a lot. So hopefully I can get myself back into it! :D

I'm going to a gym now to workout, I take horseback riding lessons, I kinda like to mess around with archery, and I am a heavy duty gamer.

Wanna know more? Ask me! ♥
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Heroes of Olympus, The Bartimaeus Trilogy
Favorite Writer
Rick Riordan, Erin Hunter, John Flanagan
Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy, Action, Adventure,Fiction
Favorite Band or Artist
Nightcore, Hollywood Undead, Anything by Lapfox
Favorite Music Genre
Rock!!! <3 (And Country, Pop, Techno, Rave)
Favorite Movie
Eragon, Aquamarine, Fishtales,Catwoman,splash
Personal Quote
"Sometimes Bad guys make the best Good guys"

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Night Dreamer's Published Books

Awesomeness Pictures
by Kaylen Whisnant
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Night Dreamer's Created Books

Secret Life of a Mermaid
Secret Life of a..
by Kaylen Whisnant
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Book Of Fantasy Creatures
Book Of Fantasy..
by Kaylen Whisnant
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