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About Me
Ok so I'm writing about myself. My names Ebony Letter. I'm seventeen years old. I live in Montana. I love to play guitar. I also make dreamcatchers. I'm a very black and white thinker and I'm not afraid to state my opinion in a matter. Every writing project I've had, my teacher had been mortified as I wrote about undead demons, flesh eating vampires, and mystical fearies. My favorite book I've read so far? The Hollow Series. A good one I'd suggest? The Iron King. I would love to live in the forest by myself far away from civilization as possible. :) Well now you know about me, can I ask you a question? Will you dare step into my fantasy and read my book, of lust, loss and pain? Remember what dreams you have could turn into a deadly nightmare...
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The Hollow Series
Favorite Writer
Erin Hunter
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Fruits Basket
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Leanardo Divinchi
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the time you spend wasting is not wasted time

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