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Rexann Duncan started putting poems together to be read along with a featured topic on Beautiful Day, a weekly radio show on Saturday Mornings. You can find it at 88.9 FM radio in Southern Utah or on crossoverfm.org.

Beautiful Day highlights a variety of Christ centered teachings, chats and featured music. You can get to know Rexann and her Co-Host Georgene by tuning in Sat Mornings at 9AM MST. Rexann is currently a Flight Attendant and sings along with her musician husband Marc. She also enjoys writing on Christian topics and Children's books. Keep an eye out for more books to come. Don't forget to join Rexann and Georgene on Saturday Mornings. Google crossoverfm.org and click on Listen Live. @ 9AM MST time. Check your time zone, set your alarm and don't miss it!
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