Publishing Kids Stories

Have the next John Grisham on your hands? Wondering if your child couldn't be on the top of the New York Time's best seller list before she ever goes off to college? It seems some kids are born storytellers and writers, and as parents, you want nothing but the best encouragement for them. How can you push their enthusiasm toward writing in the right direction? Here are a few ideas that may help.

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Consider Magazines - There are a number of magazine titles out there today for kids that actually include stories written by the readers themselves. In fact, some are wholly written by the readers. There are a number of different options. You'll want to search for those that currently accept submissions within your child's age group, as well as those that meet the right genre requirements of your child's writing. For example, some magazines only accept poetry, non-fiction accounts, or those that fall within certain subject areas. Look carefully over the guidelines before your encourage your child to submit. Once you do suggest she make a submission, the two of you should read the guidelines together so she understands her chances of publication. Not all kids stories are published in each magazine.

Contests - Just as there are many magazines out there publishing works by young authors, there are lots of contests to encourage young authors to write. Finding the perfect one for your child to enter may be a bit difficult, and you'll have to pay careful attention to deadlines and contest rules to ensure you get the ideal contest to meet your child's needs. Additionally, it's important to note that not all kids stories contests are free to enter. There are many that charge an entry fee, so be aware of that as you begin your search. The benefits of contests, though, are enormous. Not only do they come with amazing prizes, but come some with great feedback for your child, the perfect way to learn more about writing.

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Encouraging your child's creativity is a wonderful way to give a chance to budding authors, and real world publication opportunities are the perfect way to do that. Work with your child to find the perfect way to publish. To learn more about Bookemon Creative Author Press, click here.

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