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3 Young Author Writing Tips You Can Use Now

There are few things quite as amazing as encouraging a budding author. Aside from improving their linguistic skills and communication ability, teaching your children to write, and write well, is a great way to foster creativity. Not sure how to push the creativity a bit further? These young author tips can help.

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Just Write. Teaching your child to write often involves just letting them write. Whether they're responding to story prompts, letters, or even creating a daily journal, the act of writing itself is enough encouragement to push him on toward other things. Most great authors would tell you that before you begin to write that bestselling novel, you have learn to write far more mundane things. Have your child write something every single day. It could be as simple as "What I Did At School Today" or as complex as "What Would You Do If You Were Stuck In a Space Ship About to Launch." Giving your child opportunity after opportunity is the ideal way to spur those creative processes and help him become a better writer.

Read As Much As You Can. Reading and writing are inextricably linked. Research has continually demonstrated that the best writers are also extensive readers. If your child doesn't currently read a lot, make certain you give him opportunities to do so. There are several ways to encourage reading in your home, too. Have reading time every single night where each member of your family spends some time with a book or magazine. Taking your child to the library regularly can also encourage reading, as it gives him a chance to look for great books he didn't even know existed. You can also help by building a high interest reading list around the concepts, people, and places your child loves best, then buying those books on that list or checking them out from the local library. You may even want to read the books along with your young author to give the two of you something to talk about.

Consider Publication. Publication is one of the single best young author writing tips around. There is no greater way to encourage your child's writing habit than with publication. While the idea of young author publishing was once an excessively expensive endeavor, thanks to the Bookemon Young Author Press, it's a great, affordable way to showcase your child's work. With each press package, the child gets a unique ISBN and barcode for the book, automatic submission of the book title, description, and author information for worldwide distribution, and option to gain profits from the sales of their book at Amazon, Bookemon, and other channels, as well as advertisement in their quarterly press releases. It elevates your child's work from a child's story to that of a real author.

Encouraging young writers is the ideal way to develop creativity and writing skills. There are many different ways to do just that, and Bookemon's Creative Author Press is one of the best young author writing tips to know. To learn more, click here now.

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