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A Guide Toward Young Author Self-Publication

Have a young author in your life who could use a little inspiration? Self-publication is a great way to promote writing. Kids who see their writing in print find far more encouragement than they might simply writing to satisfy their own desires. It may even serve as a goal for kids who love to write. Offer them a publication "deal," as it were at the end of the process, and perhaps they're more likely to work toward putting their thoughts on paper. So, how does a pint-size author actually break into the world of self-publication? This quick guide may provide some insight.

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Create The Story

Any good self-publication deal starts with the story itself. Stories come in all shapes and sizes, and whether it's as simple as a memoir about a great vacation experience or something more complex that lands itself in the realm of fantasy, most young authors can come up with a pretty convincing story at the outset. If your little author is having some difficulty coming up with ideas, though, there are several things you can do to help them get a story started.

  • Brainstorming together is one good way to help kids get great ideas for stories. Sit down with a pen and paper, and together, list out all of the ideas you can think of, good or bad. This isn't the time to critique those ideas. That will come much later. Instead, blast everything you can on that one sheet of paper. Once the two of you are completely idea-less, start marking them off one by one. You're certain to come up with at least one idea that inspires your child.
  • Read! Reading is a great way to get your young author to find ideas of inspiration. Whether he wants to write another chapter in his favorite detective's life or he begins to wonder "what if," thanks to a recent non-fiction title he enjoyed, encouraging reading also means encouraging writing.
  • Story starters can be found almost everywhere online, and they're the perfect way to get those creative juices pumping. While they can be downright mundane or simply fantastic, they're always likely to spur some thought on your child's part. Download a list so that when your child would like to write, he or she can have easy access to great ideas.

Once your child has created a masterpiece, it's time to move on to the next step.

Edit, Edit, Edit

No good story, not even those that are self-published, hit the presses without some editing. Have your child read over the completed story a few days after writing to make his own edits. Then have him find some other trusted adults and students so he can hand advance copies of the manuscript out. They can then make constructive comments, which will allow your child to go back in and make the changes necessary to move forward with self-publication.

Go For It!

The last step in the road to young author publishing is perhaps the easiest, thanks to Bookemon's Creative Author Press program. Getting publication is now easier than ever. With every $99 package, your child not only gets a copy of his amazing book, but he also gets a unique ISBN and barcode, automatic submission of the title, description, and author number for worldwide distribution, and even an listing. Bookemon goes as far as promoting his title in Bookemon's press releases. It's the best way to help your child feel like an actual author!

Publishing your child's work is the perfect next step for budding authors. To get started, click here now.

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