Now Every Student Can Be an Author

Have you ever been so inspired by your 3rd grade student's writings that you wanted to share it with the world? Don't you wish you could compile all the lovely messages that students showered you with as keepsake in print? Well, now you can do that and much more with online book-making websites.

Book-making sites are ideal for educators, parents and students. They offer free, online book creation software and iPad/iPhone book-making apps to collaborate and publish class book, yearbook, storybook, poetry and creative writing in professional print or eBook. They offer a simple and affordable platform to foster creativity, encourage imagination, arouse inspiration and promote literacy.

The comprehensive set of book creation tools on these websites allows children to create a professionally-styled book of their writings, with text and pictures of their choice. It is extremely rewarding for children to see their work in the form of books. It boosts their confidence and encourages them to write and express themselves more. Whether it is a collection of poems, a short story or a bunch of memorable photographs, professionally-styled books help to preserve thoughts and memories in an organized manner, while giving a sense of pride and achievement.

For teachers, these websites provide a safe and secure, private online environment to use book projects as an inspiring, creative learning tool for their students. They can collaborate with students to make school books, yearbooks, class books or school projects.

There are also many websites that you can use to publish your work, and some of them offer these services for free! So you no longer have to be JK Rowling, John Grisham or Stephen King to have your book published! Young authors can sign up on these sites to professionally publish their graphic creations, stories and writings in full color, illustrated books in print, while being recognized as a published author on a commercial level.

While the book-making options are limitless, the best part about these websites is that they offer highly professional results. So whether you want to create a yearbook of college memories or compile your child's favorite poems, book-making websites offer great options!