School Projects: Great Story Prompts for Young Children

Lots of things can be a big drain when it comes to the information stored with young children's minds. Whether it's too much school work, too many practices, or just too much screen time, getting your child to think creatively is tough. That can make it very difficult for educators to bring them back up to pace so the learning path can continue throughout the year. The reality, though, is that motivation must be provided if kids are to willingly partake in learning activities. Creative writings are challenging for more adults, so asking a child to sit down and write a journal entry is giving them a big task.

In order to provide inspiration, consider providing story prompts and rather than a journal, make use of this site for k-12 teachers where kids' stories can be made into real eBooks. That alone will be a reason for students to put forth greater effort and these story starters can give them to initial boost they need.

A cow is standing in a field, munching on fresh, green grass when a piece of paper lands on the ground in front of her. On the paper she sees…

Kids generally respond well to animals. A story prompt like this is broad enough to allow a child to use his or her imagination, but gives the beginning needed to get things moving.

A loud sound fills the air as the shuttles visor rises to reveal two astronauts, preparing to embark into an unknown area. A crash landing has left their vehicle very damaged, but they are determined to find their way home.

Creating a keepsake in print is possible on secure, safe sites like this, but first the child must put his pen to paper. Finding a subject of interest and providing a broad cue can be all that is needed for brilliance to occur. Hot topics of the day include zombies, aliens, and skeletons. Make these trends work for you and for your students.

A huge storm has left (insert hometown) an empty slate. Now, everyone is relying on one young (boy or girl) to recreate their city. This promises to be the best town ever because…

Remember kids are not ignorant today. They are aware of what is happening in the world and they are likely curious about what happens when one of the much-discussed storms tears through an area. Don't shy away from these hot topics when coming up with ideas for student writings. Embrace them is a positive way. Let students dream of what they could do to rebuild a city and the hopes of its population. The success of games like Minecraft have shown us just how much kids love to create their own worlds.