Give Your Kids a Reason to Write: Create a Book

Worried your kids aren't doing enough? Have you found them blindly staring at the television one too many times? Are you struggling to keep them away from phones, tablets, and other such technology? If so, then it may be time to come up with a fun activity that will encourage creativity and writing. They aren't going to go for normal school projects any day of the week, but they may very well be interested when you tell them that they can create a keepsake print version of the book that their friends and family members can buy online!

Student writings are often very generic in school, but more and more teachers are recognizing that there are apps and secure sites available that will appeal to kids, while encouraging learning. As a parent, you can make use of this site for educators and students to keep your child entertained. Use the creative learning tool to help your child create a real book. When the project is complete, he or she can have a keepsake in print.

This process is very simple and begins with you encouraging your child to sit down and create a story worth reading. When it comes to writing a great book, we have found that it can be broken down into three steps:


This is an opportunity for kids and parents to come up with great story ideas. The topics discussed here can get the creative juices running. Having trouble getting started? There are plenty of school book and class book examples on the secure site that you can check out with your child before you being your own project. Will your child write about animals, cars, weather, aliens, zombies, reptiles, princesses, or wizards? Kids' imaginations are perfect for story creation, so let them run wild with their proposed scenarios.


Yes! You can talk your child into practicing his or her writing skills. The opportunity to see their creation in print is generally enough inspiration to sit down and do some wonderful creative writings.


This will likely be your child's favorite part of the process. Giving his or her characters a face transforms otherwise boring text into a true adventure. Whether done with crayons, markers, paint, or digital software, you can upload your images to this site for k-12 teachers and easily combine it all to create a book that your child can keep forever.