Three Signs Your Child Will be a Great Storyteller

On this secure safe site, eBook creation is a possibility for young children. While some parents fear that their children aren't yet ready to create a worthwhile keepsake in print, the truth is that most children are better prepared to produce amazing creative writings. Their imaginations are unencumbered as compared by those of their adult companions. If you need evidence that your child could be a great storyteller, consider the following common childhood habits.

Imaginative Dream Recounting

Have you ever asked your child about his or her dreams. If you want evidence of the imaginative capabilities of your kids, just inquire about this topic. On this site for educators, there are plenty of stories that were born because a person dreamed about the subject and had to write it down. Forget the boring school writings that have come home in the past. When set free to tell a tale of their own design, your child needs only reference the crazy things that happen in his or her sleep.

Dress Up or Imaginative Battles

Do you scold your children for turning every stick into a play sword? Is your child regularly robbing your closet of clothes and shoes to use for dress up? Imaginative play is only a step away from great story telling. Do you want further proof? Ask your child what is happening in their play world and write down their responses. Undoubtedly, you will have the beginning, middle, or end of a great tale.

Scene Setting with Action Figures

Next time your child is bored when out to dinner or while riding in the car, hand over a baggie of action figures and watch his or her create a world for his or her imagination. If there was ever a great way to see the story telling capability of youth, it is the fact that they can play for hours with such simple toys. This creative learning tool can turn those imaginary worlds into a book for others to enjoy.